Review The Job Market of Hyderabad

The things you may have heard of the most about Hyderabad would be Biryani, Charminar or its culture. The city, surely consists of the best in terms of all of these, but has more to it that you should know about. It is the job market of the city, which is being highlighted all across the nation. Hyderabad, in the last few years has made itself a job destination that many professionals based in different parts of the nation look forward to. This can be said looking at the city’s economic base in different sectors, including traditional manufacturing, education, tourism besides biotechnology, pharmaceutical, retail and Information Technology (IT). These are the significant areas you can aim for, to get suitable job vacancies in Hyderabad.Further, to know more about your job prospects in here, you need to briefly review the industries that contribute to the employment opportunities available here.A Major Player in Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry:Also known as the “Genome Valley of India”, Hyderabad makes a mark when it comes to its presence in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. The expansion of pharmaceutical industry here was first made evident with the formation of institutions like Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, and National Institute of Nutrition. Besides, the city, now has research and development centres, warehouses and offices of many multinational companies and regional companies operating in biotechnology. This calls for better opportunities for those seeking suitable jobs in these industries.The Rise of Retail and Real Estate in HyderabadRetail and real estate, both are considered to be on a rise in Hyderabad. The city, today has all the brands, and the retail sector seems to be growing fast here. This welcomes many sales and marketing professionals to the city to hunt for suitable jobs. Further, if we look at the real estate sector, it too ensures a great future for the city. Till now, it has been ranked as world’s third most affordable office location, fourth best Indian city to live in, by DTZ and Business Today respectively. Besides, some prime residential locations in the city have once witnessed the highest growth percentage in the country.The IT ConnectInformation Technology is now turning out to be a major element of Hyderabad’s economy. The city has positioned itself as a global centre for Information Technology (IT), owing to which, the city is given the tag of Cyberabad. The best IT brands have their offices here, which includes Google, CA Technologies,, IBM, Automatic Data Processing, Oracle Corporation, Yahoo!, Dell, Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Facebook. So, if you have been awaiting a suitable job in IT, you may start your job search in Hyderabad.

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