Applying the Secrets of the Obama Campaign Strategy to Your Business

On the 4th of November 2008, Barack Obama and his campaign team surprised America, and indeed the whole world, by recording the most improbable electoral victory in U.S. history as the first black person to be elected as the President of the United States. This is a phenomenon that even the most optimistic of people would not even have contemplated merely 5 previously.

In the November elections, Barack Obama rose from nowhere to take the political world by storm, despite the seemingly impossible odds, odds that would have discouraged many from even trying in first place. He had a lot of negatives going against him. He has a name that evokes terrorism in the hearts of America (Barack Hussein Obama). He is the son of a Kenyan immigrant. He is black. He was a freshman senator. He had no experience in government. He had very questionable friends and past associations (i.e. Ayers, Rev Wright). He started his campaign from a water logged basement with absolutely no funding. He had to go against one of the most powerful and influential political forces of our time – The Clinton Political Machine- during the primaries.

Yet, when all was said and done, in the span of less than four years after busting into national prominence, Barack Hussein Obama defied all odds to win a decisive victory in the American Presidential Elections. The campaign was not even close. He drubbed McCain in the cities and in the suburbs. He clobbered him among the whites and the blacks. He also beat him in some traditional Republican political strongholds like Indiana, north Carolina and Missouri. In fact, his victory swept away many prominent republican heavyweights in its wake, such as Elizabeth Dole, in what is being called the ‘Obama Tsunami’.

Now, what do all these have to do with you and your success in your Christian based business opportunity on the internet?

It means everything is possible. It means you can succeed beyond your own expectations in your Christian based business even if you don’t know anything about internet programming or business right now. It means that no matter how impossible the odds may look against you and your internet business opportunity, you can be a celebrated success within a very short time.

There are some timeless success secrets that you can learn from the Obama Campaign strategy that will help you achieve extraordinary success in your chosen Christian based business.

Secret #1: He Had A Compelling Vision And Big ‘WHY’ For His Campaign

From the get go, Barack Obama had a great vision of what he wants to do and where he wanted to take America. He had a big reason for getting into the political ring at the time he did. He had a compelling vision that kept him going even when things got very rough. His compelling vision eventually energized the youth and mesmerized the old. In short, he had a very strong ‘WHY’.

To succeed in your Christian based business, you will need a very strong ‘WHY’. You must have a very strong vision of why you are starting an internet based business and why you are choosing a particular internet business opportunity.

You must have a compelling reason for going into business as a Christian. Without it, you will not survive the rough waters of business. Internet based business opportunities are very competitive and you will need something very strong to keep you going when the inevitable problems come up.

As a new Christian based business entrepreneur on the internet, the multiple streams of income you expect from the business may not come as quickly as you first anticipated. You may suffer some initial financial losses. You may buy promising internet Christian business opportunities that will not live up to the hype. At some point in your journey to internet business success, you will be forced to ask yourself: ‘why am I doing this?’ It is your great vision or big ‘why’ that will keep you going in those dark times. If you don’t have one, it will be easy to pack it up and concede defeat when the going gets tough.

Statistics show that the greatest difference maker between quitters and winners, who have tried different Christian business opportunities, is vision and their reason ‘why’.

Barack Obama had a very strong ‘WHY’. He had a compelling vision that kept him going beyond setbacks in the New Hampshire primaries, and it helped him withstand Hilary Clinton’s last minute surge at the end of the primaries. Your vision and reason for going into a particular Christian based business will also keep you going when things get depressing and you will eventually reap your rewards of multiple streams of income from your internet business opportunity.

Secret #2: Obama Focused On One Central Issue At A Time

Obama was able to capture the imagination of the country from the get-go by focusing on ONLY one central theme at the outset: CHANGE. He did not try to sell different populist programs at the outset. He focused on the broad theme of ‘change’. He talked about ‘change we can believe in’. he talked about his ability, and the ability of Americans to make a change. He got a slogan that focused on his central theme and which formed a refrain to get people involved: ‘YES, WE CAN’.

Until very late in the game, Obama did not allow himself to be bogged down with the details of different issues (in fact his critics criticized him for not being very specific!). He just kept talking about change. Once he has owned the word and has gained the attention of the whole country with his message of CHANGE, he then started talking about some specific changes he would make. Even then, he did not give us too many specifics. He picked health care and ending the war in Iraq and talked about those until they became part of the consciousness of the people and identified with his campaign. Then, he started talking about tax cuts for the poor and tax hike for the rich.

Obama made a virtue of focusing on one central issue at a time and that made it very easy for him to sell his message to the people. To succeed in your Christian based business opportunity and eventually generate the multiple streams of internet income you have been dreaming about, you need to focus on ONLY one thing or business idea at a time. You will achieve christian business success quicker and faster by identifying one area of need on the internet and focusing on it to the exclusion of all other internet business opportunities.

It is a fact that while many successful Christian based business gurus create multiple streams of internet income over time with different Christian business opportunities, the fact is that most of them started out with one single product and mastered it before leveraging the success from that internet business opportunity into other streams of internet income.

In order to experience spectacular long term success on the internet as a Christian based businessperson on the internet, you must first focus on one Christian business opportunity at a time. Don’t be tempted to start with so many internet business opportunities at a time. Many internet business newbies got ‘buried’ on the world wide web because they started out with too many product offerings. They were not focused on one central opportunity at a time. They simply kept throwing money at different ‘juicy’ opportunities until they ran out of money and hope. Obama campaign strategy showed the power of focus and you should take that lesson to heart if you ever hope to see those multiple streams of income you have often heard about.

Secret #3: Obama Ran A Very Focused And Discipline Campaign

The discipline and focus of the Barack Obama campaign has become stuff of instant legend. Many political pundits and commentators applaud and commend on the amazing discipline and focus of the Barack Obama campaign machine. While John McCain and his team kept floundering and moving from one focus angle to another, Barack Obama stayed focused on his message and agenda.

Barack Obama ran a highly disciplined campaign that refused to be distracted by negative adverts, negative past associations, charges of distributionism or charges of socialism. He just kept on rolling and repeating his message of change. He used teleprompters every where he could to make sure he remained focus on repeating his message without errors. His single minded focus was not only mind-boggling but also chillingly effective.

To survive with your Christian based business opportunity, you will need to maintain a strong focus and discipline with your chosen Christian business opportunity. There are literally millions of opportunities out there. You will be flooded from the get-go with different Christian business opportunities that will create instant multiple streams of income and make you an internet millionaire overnight. Don’t be distracted by such offers! Even if true, it is never as easy as they always make it sound. You will still have to learn and dominate any new opportunity you sign up for before you see any of the promised multiple streams of internet income.

It will require all the discipline you have to remain focused on your particular Christian business opportunity until you achieve some success from it. Don’t be distracted when the success does not come quick. Don’t be distracted when you get confused about how to generate sales. Don’t be distracted by the new ‘hot’ opportunity from some smooth ‘snake oil’ peddling guru. You must choose your internet business opportunity very carefully and stick with until you see some success. That was a very key part of the Barack Obama campaign strategy and it should be a key part of your internet business strategy.

Regardless of what you might have been told by the gurus, there is no substitute for hard work and hustle if you ever hope to succeed with your internet based business. You are not likely to make major financial breakthrough by working online for only one hour a day on your computer. Don’t believe the hype that tells you can be a millionaire by working only one hour a day on your computer. The internet business community is a very serious, professional and competitive one. You will need to work it as a serious business, and with all seriousness, to generate any major income from it.

I hope you will reflect on these secrets of the Barack Obama stunning victory at the polls and learn how to apply those principles to make a success with your specific internet business opportunity.

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